Developers & operators can easily boost the efficiency and availability of their applications with DevOps Guru, a fully managed operations service. DevOps Guru make it easier of the administrative responsibility of identifying operational issues, allowing them to focus on implementing recommendations to improve their app. Machine learning is used by DevOps Guru to analyze organizational data, application metrics, and incidents to detect actions that are out of the ordinary.

High level DevOps Guru Workflow

The Amazon DevOps Guru workflow can be broken down into three high level steps.

Detailed DevOps Guru workflow

The DevOps Guru workflow integrates with several AWS services, including Amazon CloudWatch, AWS CloudTrail, Amazon Simple Notification Service, and AWS Systems Manager.


An anomaly is a collection of one or more similar metrics that DevOps Guru has identified as being unexpected or unusual. DevOps Guru generates anomalies by analyzing metrics and organizational data related to the AWS resources using machine learning.


When you set up DevOps Guru, it creates an insight, which is a list of anomalies that are found during the analysis of the AWS resources you specify. Each insight includes observations, feedback, and analytical data that you can use to improve your operational efficiency.

Metrics and operational events

The anomalies that make up an insight are generated by analyzing the metrics returned by Amazon CloudWatch and operational events emitted by user’s AWS resources. Users can view the metrics and the operational events that create an insight to help them better understand issues in their application.


Each insight provides recommendations with suggestions to help users to improve the performance of their application.