AWS Gateway of Load Balancer

aws elbv2 create-load-balancer — name my-load-balancer — type gateway — subnets provider-subnet-id

aws elbv2 create-target-group — name my-targets — protocol GENEVE — port 6081 — vpc-id provider-vpc-id

aws elbv2 register-targets — target-group-arn targetgroup-arn — targets Id=i-1234567890abcdef0 Id=i-0abcdef1234567890

aws elbv2 create-listener — load-balancer-arn loadbalancer-arn — default-actions Type=forward,TargetGroupArn=targetgroup-arn

aws elbv2 describe-target-health — target-group-arn targetgroup-arn

CloudWatch metrics

VPC Flow Logs

CloudTrail logs




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Aayush Pandey

Aayush Pandey

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