AWS Cloud Migration 1O1

AWS Cloud Migration Services

AWS Migration Hub — The AWS Migration Hub provides a centralized area for tracking the status of application migrations across numerous AWS and partner solutions. AWS Migration Hub offers a centralized location for monitoring migrations in any AWS region where the customer’s migration tools are accessible.

  • Discover or import on-premises server details
  • Build a migration plan
  • Simple and intuitive migration dashboard
  • Application migration tracking
  • Multi-region migrations

AWS Application Discovery Service — By gathering information about on-premises data centers, AWS Application Discovery Service assists corporate clients in planning migration efforts. AWS Application Discovery Service gathers and displays configuration, use, and behavior data from client servers to help them understand workloads better.

  • Discover on-premises infrastructure
  • Identify server dependencies
  • Measure server performance
  • Data Exploration in Amazon Athena

AWS Application Migration Service — AWS Application Migration Service is the primary migration service recommended for lift-and-shift migrations to AWS. AWS Application Migration Service simplifies and expedites client’s migration to the cloud. It allows clients to quickly realize the benefits of migrating applications to the cloud without changes and with minimal downtime.

  • Easy to get started
  • Minimize downtime
  • Cost-effective
  • Agility and Control

CloudEndure Migration — CloudEndure Migration helps with the simplification, acceleration, and automation of large-scale AWS migrations. Continuous Data Replication occurs in the background, without interrupting applications or affecting performance, ensuring that data is synchronized in real time and minimizing cutover windows. CloudEndure performs a highly automated machine translation and orchestration process, allowing even the most sophisticated apps and databases to operate natively in AWS with no compatibility concerns and no IT skills required.

AWS Service Catalog — AWS Service Catalog enables businesses to establish and manage catalogs of IT services that have been authorized for usage on AWS. These IT services might range from virtual machine images, servers, software, and databases to whole multi-tier application architectures. AWS Service Catalog allows clients to centrally manage deployed IT services and applications, resources, and metadata.

  • Granular access control
  • Product and Portfolios
  • Versioning and Constraints
  • Stack and Service actions

AWS Database Migration Service — AWS Database Migration Service enables clients to move databases to AWS in a timely and safe manner. During the migration, the source database remains fully active, minimizing downtime for applications that rely on it. The AWS Database Migration Service can move data to and from the most popular commercial and open-source databases.



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